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The Legend Of LIONMAN One Million Kick Challenge

This is the fifth year of The Legend Of LIONMAN One Million Kick Challenge, LIONMAN Foundation's largest and most successful health initiative to end childhood obesity. Although The Legend Of LIONMAN One Million Kick Challenge focuses on youth, people of all ages are welcomed to participate. Our oldest kicker was 103 years old!

The Legend Of LIONMAN One Million Kick Challenge has grown from more than 1 million people kicking in the first year to more than 20 million participants last year! Our 2016 goal is to have more than 30 million people across America and around the World kicking together from November 17, 2016 to January 7, 2017.


LIONMAN Foundation has partnered with the U.S. Navy's SPAWAR ATLANTIC LANT Outreach Program to expose a greater number of youth to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with LIONMAN STEM Academy. The second Tuesday of every month youth gather at the LIONMAN Foundation Headquarters in New Orleans for hands-on activities and presentations from STEM professionals.

At LIONMAN STEM Academy students will progress through a series of colored vest representing their length of time in the program. LIONMAN Foundation's goal is to secure scholarships for those who successfully complete the program to encourage their continued interest and dedication to STEM careers.

LIONMAN Foundation's BLUE LION Satellite Program

In partnership with BLUE LION Karate Academy, LIONMAN Foundation provides free karate classes for more than 500 students at Arise Academy. LIONMAN Foundation has offered after-school and in-school karate instructions free of charge to students at Arise Academy since 2015.
Teachers and school administrators accredit improved classroom behavior and improved focus to the discipline derived from their Martial Arts instructions.

Grandmaster Eric O'Neal Sr.


GrandMaster Eric "LIONMAN" O'Neal, Sr. is a successful businessman, publisher, entrepreneur, author, teacher, philanthropist, Martial Artist, and GHI. He has been an integral presence in martial arts for over 30 years and has been working with the youth of New Orleans for over 20 of those 30 years as a Grand Master of Karate. Raised in the Desire housing project and introduced to martial arts as a young age Master O' Neal grew up admiring Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris for their outstanding contributions to the world and aspired to be amongst their ranks.
In 1986, he founded BLUE LION Karate Academy which became the largest, most successful commercial Martial Arts school in the southeast region. BLUE LION's emphasis on self-discipline and education has helped to transform the lives of more than 30,000 students, including the youngest president of a national bank, an NOPD Chief of Police, and one of the top stunt choreographers in Hollywood.
GrandMaster O'Neal has been inducted into countless Halls of Fame including the Master's Karate Hall of Fame, and the International Karate Hall of Fame with the Legendary Bruce Lee.
As one of GOD'S Human Instruments (GHI) he has devoted his life to fulfilling his promise to GOD to serve and save our youth. His personal accomplishments make him a living example of the success our young people can achieve, and more importantly, how to achieve that success.


The Key Features of our Job


LIONMAN Foundation has partnered with BLUE LION Karate Academy to provide Martial Arts instructions for underprivileged youth at local schools.


LIONMAN Foundation’s internship program motivates young students to excel academically by connecting them with college students for tutoring services and mentorship.


The Legend Of LIONMAN One Million Kick Challenge has brought together more than 20 million people around the World to help "Kick Obesity Out Of America!"



2016 GrandMaster O'Neal and LIONMAN Foundation EPK

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Our Clients
Dennis Lloyd

Grand Master Eric and I both serve and develop children. His commitment is complete and his integrity is unquestioned. He is also one of the most dedicated, hard working and persistent human beings I have ever experienced.

Our Clients
Robert Parham

Grandmaster Eric O'Neal is a marketing genius. He has his finger on the pulse of what the trends are in the marketing arena and with his experience, uses calculated sagacity to make everything he touches turn to gold!

Our Clients
Susan Eddington, APR

I have known Grand Master Eric O'Neal for nearly twenty years. He is talented, focused and dedicated and his work with young people is outstanding. He has made the difference in the lives of so many who have taken the discipline they learned at the Blue Lion Academy and applied it to their lives.


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